Tonemine by Let's Talk
Roles: Design, Art Direction, Animation

ToneMine was developed to increase LetsTalk’s brand awareness and preference among a more passionate mobile customer base, and is in direct support
of their brand position as the consumer’s “Wireless Advocate”. The product gives LetsTalk a strong mobile entertainment presence, and generates an ongoing stream of mobile content.

California Lottery - Flash Ad Campaigns
Roles: Design, Animation, XML, Actionscript

I regularly work with BBDO/West on a range of rich media solutions for the California Lottery. Development has included expandable technologies, xml data feeds, streaming video, extensive photo manipulation and CGI effects

Red Robin - Burger Love
Roles: Design

Got a burger pic from a Red Robin visit? “Say CHEEEESE With Your Gourmet Burger!
This is a website where customers can send photos to a gallery on the Facebook fan page. We tried to keep the Facebook part as prominent as possible, that’s where the big viral potential lies, with the ability for this to reach outside the tight fan circle and enter the user's broader base of Facebook friends.

K&G Superstores
Roles: Design, Art Direction, Animation, XML, Actionscript

Launch Campaign for Casablanca Re-release
Roles: Design, Art Direction, Concepting

The challenge: MindComet vs. Basement-Inc two agencies compete in a head-to-head pitch for a fictitious project based around the film "Casablanca."
The situation: Create a social media focused online campaign for a fictional situation involving the movie Casablanca.

For the sake of this agency shoot-out, we are pretending that shortly after winning the 1943 Academy Award for Best Picture, all the prints of 'Casablanca' were mysteriously lost. Although many stills, newspaper accounts, magazine articles and subsequent interviews with the stars of the film have long been available, nobody has seen 'Casablanca' since 1943. Then, in January 2008, an archivist stumbled across the prints in the Warner Bros. Burbank, Calif. lot. Excited by this discovery, Warner Bros. has chosen to do a limited theatrical re-release of this great but long-missing film."

Five prestigious judges (Don Buckley, SVP, interactive marketing, Warner Bros.; Dwight Caines, EVP, Worldwide digital marketing strategy, Columbia TriStar Marketing Group; Hilary Hattenbach, VP, digital marketing, Twentieth Century Fox; Doug Neil, SVP, digital marketing, Universal Pictures; Amy Powell, SVP, interactive marketing, Paramount Pictures were on hand to deliver critiques of each team's approach.

4 Christmases - A simple, humorous app that generated a high rate of sharing.
Roles: Design, Art Direction, Animation, Actionscript

Creating a brand experience around a film is about capturing the film's main conflict or theme in an engaging and memorable way. In Four Christmases movie, Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon spend almost the entire movie dealing with their fragmented families with whom they have little in common. And each scene has a conversation they'd like to avoid. That's something many people can relate to. So we set out to provide people with humorous solutions to their own similar situations. The result was the Holiday Conversation Survival Guide application. A selection of knock-out blows to uncomfortable holiday conversations everywhere.

The Men's Wearhouse
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Roles: Design, Art Direction, Concepting, Animation

My experience during the past three years includes the design and animation of more than 100 projects for Men's Wearhouse, which promoted the tools like Build-A-Tux, the tuxedo rental, as well as special offers creating brand cohesion, style and impact across a broad range of creative assets.

Sony Pictures - An integrated Facebook campaign for the theatrical release "Zombieland"
Roles: Design, Art Direction, Video editing, Animation, Actioncript

Instead of banners just producing impressions and clicks, we now have banners generating social media endorsements. Banners become a way to identify brand advocates, and immediately move them to take action to promote brand. App was international; Translated to 11 languages. Featured both Global and Friends leaderboards. Daily free zombie kills promoted return visits. Facebook Fans were notified which media sites banners were running on in support of the media buy.

Zombieland Logo4

Roles: Design, Art Direction

Past Client list:
* More project samples upon request

  • Lucky Pacific Networks - Website
  • Sony - Resident Evil degeneration
  • Warner Brothers - 4 Christmases movie
  • G4 TV - 2m2mm
  • Let's Talk - Tonemine
  • Paypal
  • Twin Hill Apparel


  • The Men's Wearhouse
  • K&G Superstores
  • California Lottery
  • Activision
  • Red Robin - Kid's Cook-Off Contest
  • HARPO/Oprah - A new Earth
  • Our San Francisco Zoo
  • Upstream Group / Habitat
  • Wasserman Media Group
  • Tom Deierlein Foundation
  • EA Games
  • Marinela USA
  • Oroweat
  • Adventureland

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